A ver, isto e o que segue son as últimas mesaxes que me chegaron de
Rodrigo, o de conectiva, chegaron onte, e como non estaba eu moi traductor
hoxe, estou con exames, vos van en inglés. 

Xa diredes, inda que supoño que pronto estará el lendo a lista, a non ser
que teñades algún inconvinte, daquela terei que buscar algún xeito de lle
dicir que non se suscriba, en fin, vos diredes, si despois do fin de
semana non recibín ningunha obxección dareille a dirección de suscripción
á lista.


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> Some of them don't want to translate the books (it seems to big for just
> one person, seems more like a team job) but would like to translate man
> pages and programs.

ok, but we need to translate the books too. I think people would like to
read the books in galego, don't you?

Probably in the first edition we'll have the translations only in digital
format. We certainly will have the spanish printed-version. People can
print the digital version if they prefer.

> Are asking what they should start with from that huge list you gave me (I
> translated your message to galego and posted it on the translation list)

I suggest that people start with the softwares that appers more to the
users. Gnome, Kde, Window Maker. 

The man pages it's better to start with the most common used (ls, more,
etc, etc)

In a nutshell: translate first the softwares that people use more oftem.

> Also most of them say that they cannot warranty a number of hours per
> week, or packages per week, as their free time is very variable, and
> packages have also too different sizes.

Ok, but it's a problem if we are going to pay for the job. If it's done
for free, we can only try to help with all the people need, but if the
guys needs money, we have to get an hour/files/lines by day/week/month to
make the deal. I think you can understand it.

> Another thing is money, the only guy that has given me prizes telling me
> to adjust them as I should see... has given me what seems (at least to me)
> too expensive prices.

well, we need to know how much is it.

> Well, maybe it is better if you subscribe to the list and post directly to
> it, talking to all this people directly, without me in the middle, that
> way things could be more transparent. What do you think about this?

ok, send me the email to subscribe.


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