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Dear customer / user of i-net software's JDBC drivers,

This is an automated message to notify you that we received your support request and that it was automatically entered into our support system.
Support requests are processed in the order they are received. A technical support engineer will be in touch with you shortly.

If you send additional information / question(s) to an exisiting support request (ticket) then the subject line of the email with that you reply must contain the ticket id of the existing ticket so that the support system can assign the new information to the existing ticket.
If you send a new support request then the subject line should not include a ticket id in order to raise a new ticket id.

Additional support information such as FAQs, documentations can be found on i-net software's website:

If you experience a specific problem using a JDBC driver of i-net software then send us the following information so that we can reproduce it:

  1. Name and version of the used JDBC driver. You can see it if you enable the JDBC log with DriverManager.setLogStream( System.out ).
  2. Name, version and platform of the used database.
  3. If you receive an error then the stacktrace and the exact error message.
  4. The used JDBC URL or DataSource config.

Thank you for using i-net software Technical Support.

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