Dear Internet email user,

   Please do NOT reply to this message.
   You have received it because our Internet email gateway has detected that
   one or more messages addressed to our staff coming from your address: 
   contained a virus, and the message(s) have been discarded.

   If you have tried to send a message to anyone at in the
   period:   Jul  3 00:00:05  to Jul  3 23:52:05  (our local time, GMT+10)
   please remove all viruses from any documents you attached to the message
   and send it again. Note that the message may have been sent from your
   machine without your knowledge if it has been infected with a virus. A
   good indicator of this would be if you have addresses in
   your email address book.

   If you do not know anyone at NSW Agriculture, it is very likely
   that your address was forged by an unknown person sending the email
   containing the virus, in which case we apologise for any inconvenience
   and you should simply delete this message.

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