Ós interesados en obter Lindows, a empresa ofrece gratis a distribución
ós desenvolvedores e traductores de KDE.

Quen queira esta distribución (coma xa sei que non a vai querer ninguén)
que me solicite o código de acceso.

        Réplica da mensaxe que se me enviou:

Dear KDE i18n Team Coordinator,

Michael Robertson, CEO of Lindows.com, offers all major versions of LindowsOS
including Laptop Edition, LindowsCD and Developer Edition for free download
to all KDE developers as announced in [1]. I will shortly post his Thank You
message to KDE e.V. to the kde-core-devel and kde-i18n-doc mailing lists.

To identify as KDE developer you will have to enter a coupon code. This code
should NOT be posted in public accessible or archived mailing lists or forums
but only given away on request of those who have contributed to KDE.

My mail will instruct translators to address to their i18n team leader for
this code because only you have the necessary overview who contributed.

So please find this excerpt of the Michael Robertson mail for personal use
and distribute it to those members of your team who request it from you:

From: Michael Robertson <mich...@lindows.com>
Subject: Thank you from Lindows.com

If you visit:


There's a link to "buy" the Developer edition which will also give you
access to the Laptop Edition, LindowsCD, etc.

Be sure to look for the "coupon" code link so you can enter:

    ************** (é éste)


[1] http://www.lindows.com/lindows_michaelsminutes_archives.php?id=98

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