Hello to all gl translators,

For those who don't know me already, I'm in charge of the Debian
Installer (D-I) internationalisation and I'm using most of my time bugging
current translators so that they have a complete work in our SVN

The Debian Installer entered its last string freeze period a few days
ago, which means that no change to translatable part will happen until
the end of the freeze.

After this, all D-I packages will be uploaded and are very likely to
be the final release of Debian Installer for the upcoming Debian
"sarge" release.

Up to now, Hector Fernandez was the translator in Galician and managed
to do the work very well.

However, I'm currently concerned by seeing the statistics for gl being
stucked at 83% with no change for a while.

There are currently 66 fuzzy strings and 97 untranslated strings in
D-I translations.

I haven't got news from Hector for a while so I now ask to the list :
if hector is not available, may one of you complete this translation ?
I will bring him/her the needed file and will handle all the commit
work myself.

This is a quite urgent request : the deadline is tomorrow 10/6 at
16:00 UTC....

Hector, if you happen to read this, please answer very quickly...

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