> However, I'm currently concerned by seeing the statistics for gl being
> stucked at 83% with no change for a while.

I probably posted this call too late. So, unfortunately, the gl
translations for Debian Installer are not complete.

They are however highly useful anyway because the 83% ratio is quite
good. Moreover, the strings with partial or inexistent translations
often pertain to modules which are not frequently used.

Thanks to Hector for the work in maintaining this translation. Please
give me news, Hector, or others, about your plans for maintaining it
in the future.

Though Debian will probably release with this version of the installer,
the installer itself will have other updates, so it is worth
continuing ot maintain that work.

I have subscribed to the list which will allow me to have news from gl
translation activites, like I do for many other languages.

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