(sorry in advance for using ENglish in this list...but unfortunately,
I don't speak Galician/Galego)

> I probably posted this call too late. So, unfortunately, the gl
> translations for Debian Installer are not complete.
> They are however highly useful anyway because the 83% ratio is quite
> good. Moreover, the strings with partial or inexistent translations
> often pertain to modules which are not frequently used.

I got no news from Hector Fernandez for a while. Would someone in the
list be interested in continuing the work on Debian Installer

If Hector comes back, of course you'll have the opportunity of working
as a team...:-)

BTW, do you know that Galician is currently, along with Welsh, the
only Gaelic language D-I is translated into? No Scottish, no
Irish/Gaielge (or very few), no isle of Man language and no

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