Quoting Alberto Garcia (be...@gpul.org):
> Em Segunda 11/10/2004 às 07:18, Christian Perrier dizia...
> > BTW, do you know that Galician is currently, along with Welsh, the
> > only Gaelic language D-I is translated into?
>       Erm... do you mean celtic language? Well, the country is
> considered as one of the 7 or 8 celtic countries, but the language is
> definitely a latin one :-)

I (more or less) knew...but, well, this is a way to trigger some
reaction on this topic. Bingo..:-)

Looking through Hector translation, I found that, yes, it looked more
latin than celtic.

Do you have a rough estimate about the number of people currently
speaking Galego/Galician (bts, shouldn't ISO-639 be corrected? It
mentions gl==Gallegan)?

And, more for my own culture, how is the language used in daily or
official activities, compared to, say, Catalan or Basque in their
respective regions?

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