Se alguém quer tomar o relevo que me avise e envio-lhe o .po
para traduzir...

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From: Christian Perrier <>
User-Agent: Mutt/1.5.6+20040907i
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 18:01:02 +0200
Subject: dpkg translation needs to be updated


You receive this mail because the current translation of the dpkg
Debian package, which you worked on in the past, is currently
incomplete. The statistics on gl.po are:

965 translated messages, 30 fuzzy translations, 11 untranslated messages.

You will receive, along with this mail, the current PO file for this

Please consider, if you have time enough, updating it as soon as possible.
The deadline fixed by the maintainer is around Oct. 17th.

The new translation should be reported as a bug against the dpkg
package, with tags "l10n" and "patch", severity wishlist and a subject like 
"dpkg: [l10n:gl] Translation update".

The use of the following command is suggested:

reportbug --attach=gl.po --offline -s "dpkg: [INTL:gl] Translation update" 
--severity=wishlist --tag=patch --tag=l10n --no-config-files 
--package-version="N/A" dpkg

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