> You are right with your comments. For me, Rosetta's current main
> limitation is the lack of a "quality controlling system". I am not a
> "Rosetta evangelizer", but I think it is an attractive tool, so we
> should take advantage of it. An option is to grant access rights only
> for accredited translators (or not to use Rosetta at all), but I don't
> consider this a good idea, because it can be very counterproductive
> (we are going to lose a lot of volunteers).

Actually, this is one of the reasons for which the Debian i18n crowd
is currently working on a future i18n infrastructure that could be
used for Debian, but also by other teams, whether they are software
translation teams (Gnome, KDE...) or language translation teams.

It's pretty hard to resume one month of discussions (including BOFs at
Debconf) but the archives of debian-i18n on lists.debian.org for
May/June 2006 should give you the picture.

In short, we're in the process of working with the Wordforge people
(http://www.wordforge.net) with Pootle as central brick of the

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