O Luns, 19 de Xuño de 2006 07:00, Christian Perrier escribiu:

> In any case, it seems that you have found a good reviewer, my dear
> Jacobo..:-)

There is a faster way to test it: just try to upgrade a Kubuntu on a ppc and 
see what happens ..... :-P

Unfortunaly, the CD I downloaded from debian still uses xfree... to make X 
work I had to go back to ubuntu and install xorg..... what they don't tell 
you is that the X server NEED some font installed to work, despite it has no 
dependence on them.
I had to figure it out based upon the log messages from kdm.

Possibly when the next version of Kubuntu go out, If debian's udev for ppc 
works out of the box (including updating kernel to a recent enough version, 
and katapult) on that time, I will go back to mom Debian's home.
Best Regards

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