As the new versions of JSPWiki contain an installer I want to
override, I need to add a new configuration parameter, which is
currently like this:

Template: jspwiki/baseurl
Type: string
Default: http://localhost:8180/JSPWiki/
_Description: Default application name:
 Please enter the HTTP prefix of the wiki. This rewrites all JSPWiki
 internal link references, so it needs to be correct. It also needs
 to contain the trailing slash.

Corresponding JSPWiki parameter documentation is:

#  BaseURL can be used to rewrite all of JSPWiki's internal references.
#  Sometimes, especially if you're behind a address-rewriting firewall,
#  relative URLs don't work since the servlet container has no idea
#  where it's actually located.
#  Leave undefined if you want to rely on what your servlet container
#  thinks of where your application lives.
#  You MUST define this one if you want to enable RSS (see below).  In
#  general, this is a good idea to define it anyway.  Do not forget the
#  trailing slash.
#  Example:
#  jspwiki.baseURL =

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