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From: "Wesley W. Terpstra" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 21:02:21 +0100
Subject: [Lurker-users] Lurker 2.3 released

Now available for your upgrade pleasure, lurker 2.3:

This is just a point release to roll up the bug fixes lurker has
accumulated over the last three (!) years. Hopefully there are not too
many new bugs added. :)

        Bump the version since there are various 2.2 tarballs floating
        around the web. Shame on me for not releasing sooner, I guess.

        Added support for specifying a umask for the database
        Removed idiotic/wrong use of 'sg' in INSTALL's import example
        Cleaned up HTML using firefox:
                Double lang in redirects removed
                <a name="..."> can't be a number
                Fixed NaN errors in bar charts
        Fixed a bug where a username with line breaks created broken XML
        Compare the list address and reply-to insensitively
        Fix foreground colour for people with reversed settings
        Allow include'ing a directory --> read all files ending with .conf
        Include filename and line number in config error messages
        Some previously global settings can now be overriden for frontends
                admin_{name,address}, archive, {hide,raw}_email, web_cache
        Added Galician language
        Updated to autoconf 2.61 and automake 1.10.1
        Made compatible to gcc-4.4
        Add missing includes for cstdlib cstring
        Rebuilt getdate.y using bison 2.3
        Switch from CVS to subversion
        Place static web content into /usr/share/lurker/www not /var/www
        Rewrote the markup regexps (linear-time and rfc-derived)
        Fix pruning for list-ids with a '.' in their name

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