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From: Dwayne Bailey <>
Date: 2013/5/22
Subject: [Translate-devel] Release: Pootle 2.5.0
To: ""
<>, Translate Development

Welcome to the new Pootle 2.5.0

Finally! Translate has a new baby and we're pretty proud of her. Many
changes have gone into 2.5.0 which follows on from 2.1.6 released more
then two years ago. So many changes that it's quite hard to list them

PS: This release was prepared at the DjangoConf sprint, but took me a
little while to get the email out. The changes from 2.5.0-rc1 to 2.5.0
final are listed below.

Why so long? Well we had the Egyptian revolution, a complete change in
UI, and a load of features we wanted you to have.  It took much longer
to stabilise it for you to enjoy.

Pootle 2.5.0 has been in production with many users, so although it is
a new official release, we've had many people running their production
server off this code.  This includes LibreOffice, Mozilla and
Evernote. So you are in good company.


Django 1.3 or 1.4
Translate Toolkit >= 1.10.0
lxml (now a runtime requirement)

Getting it

pip install pootle

Installation and Upgrade



These are by no means exhaustive, check the git log for more details

2.5.0 vs 2.5.0-rc1

Changes from 2.5.0 RC1 to 2.5.0 final release:

Correct all Right-to-Left rendering issues
Minor fixes: update translations, fixes to lightbox and some
documentation corrections

User Experience

We undertook a major UI rework – we now have a clean new translation interface,
and overview page.

In the editor:

We follow a new approach when you edit translations, you will see a
list of units that meet some criterion.
Translation Memory is displayed for the current unit – results are
from Translate's public Amagama server.
Filters are easily accessible while you translate, so you can quickly
change these within the translation interface.
Context rows are provided in the translation interface when you are
filtering and these can be hidden or expanded.
A timeline is provided for a unit. This provides a history of the
changes in translation text, state changes, translator and dates of
Gravatars give credit to translators and suggesters.

In the overview page:

The overview page allows you to drill down into certain types of units
matching a translation state or with an error.
It is now easier to see what work needs attentions, as we highlight
next actions for your project.
With editable project and language descriptions you can supply
description for projects. These are editable using Markdown,
reStructuredi or HTML.
News alerts can now be sent via email to project participants.
The overview page provides an expanded checks page that highlights all
failing checks.
Checks are classified into categories so that more urgent ones are
highlighted to translators

Version Control

Update the whole project at once avoiding slow file by file updates
A separate VCS_DIRECTORY for VCS checkout is where Pootle now does all
VC related work - this ensures that we can work well with DVCS like
Detect new and removed files after a VCS update
Management commands for VCS actions [Stuart Prescott]
Add new files to VCS after updating from templates


New and changed commands:

--modified-since flag for update_stores and sync_stores


All documentation is now on Read The Docs
We have a new website for Pootle
We're using Travis for Continuous Integration
All our code is now on Github

...and of course, loads of bugs were fixed


The following people have made Pootle 2.5.0 possible:

Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Friedel Wolff, Alaa Abd el Fattah, Igor Afanasyev,
Dwayne Bailey, Leandro Regueiro, Claude Paroz, Chris Oelmueller, Taras
Semenenko, Kevin Scannell, Christian Hitz, Thomas Kinnen, Alexander
Dupuy, khagaroth, dvinella, Stuart Prescott, Roman Imankulov, Peter
Bengtsson, Nagy Akos, Michael Tänzer, Gregory Oschwaldi & Andy


+27 12 460 1095

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