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Scripty, Docs and LXR updates suspended

Hi all,

While sysadmin investigates problems on the server "Sage" the
following services will not be executing their usual nightly tasks
which update them:

- scripty (affects translation teams)
- docs (documentation teams, and content of
- LXR (developers, will have an outdated copy of data for now)

Note that some of the above may currently be inaccessible from the web
to minimize stress on the server to allow for currently running jobs
to be cleanly completed.

Apologies for the inconvenience."

O 25 novembro 2015 18:07, Antón Méixome <> escribiu:

> Alguén sabe que pasa co proxecto KDE?
> Estaba tentando conseguir info estatística e non vexo como acceder.
> Nesta páxina non funciona ningunha ligazón
> _______________________________________________
> proxecto mailing list
proxecto mailing list

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