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   The New Education Site

   Forcing a Browser Reload

   Picking a Hosting Company is Almost Impossible!

   .chat, .family, .church? The New.net Domains

   Poor Richard's Web Site and Other Top Floor Books

   Book Reviewers Wanted

   BizBlast Reminder

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   {{ The New Education Site }}

   My new eduction site, currently at http://www.NetBizCoach.com/
   is moving along. I hope to launch on or around Jan. 7th. There's
   already a lot of information at this site, but for the moment there
   are still many gaps to be filled; so don't be surprised if you run
   across [TBA] markers indicating missing information.

   If you'd like to get a discount on the subscription when it
   finally goes live (at _least_ a 50% discount to the first 1,000
   subscribers), send a blank e-mail and I'll contact you when
   it's ready: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

   Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways to Use the Internet to Market the Best
   Product on Earth -- YOU. Read the new book, "Poor Richard's
   Branding Yourself Online"
   "Loaded with wisdom served up in an exceedingly readable style."
   --Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series

   {{ Forcing a Browser Reload }}
   "Sometimes you want to ensure that every time a browser loads a
   page, it loads the very latest version. Let's say you have a page
   with important information that is updated very frequently --
   several times a day, for instance. If you don't force a browser
   reload, most people who come to the page a second or subsequent time
   will see the version of the page that was there the first time they

   [continued here:
http://NetBizCoach.com/public/how_to/pages/tips+tricks/reload.htm ]


   Buy any 2 books from the Top Floor Web Site you'll get "The
   CDnow Story" FREE!

   "MP3 for Musicians" is now 50% off! Pay $13.98, save $13.97.

   See http://TopFloor.com/

   {{ Picking a Hosting Company is Almost Impossible! }

   Selecting a hosting company is so incredibly frustrating. I've been
   looking for a company I can use for my new education site that I
   would feel comfortable recommending to members. In order to do that,
   the company has to meet these criteria:

   * It has to have a wide range of services associated with its
   shared-hosting plans, targeted at people running businesses who need
   to work online but don't have the time, skills, or inclination to
   install and run everything themselves. For instance, see these
   service menus:


   * The services need to be well documented and easy to use
   * The servers need to be reasonably fast
   * The servers need to be reliable, with 99.9% or better uptime
   * The company must have good support, including telephone support

   It's incredibly hard to find a service that fits all these criteria.
   I'm currently using AIT ( http://AITcom.net/ ) -- they have a great
   list of easy to use services and good documentation. But when I test
   their servers (I'll explain how in a later article), the are often
   rated slow. And the last few days have been terrible, with the
   server on which my site is hosted dropping service intermittently
   ... totally out of service for a number of hours.

   My Top Floor Publishing site ( http://www.TopFloor.com/ ) is hosted
   with a company called BigBiz ( http://www.BigBiz.com/ ), which is
   actually very good. Their servers are very fast, and reliable. But
   it's a small company, so it doesn't fit some of the criteria above
   -- the services are relatively limited, and there's no phone

   If anyone out there believes they've found the service that fits my
   criteria, please let me know! In the meantime, I'll continue

   {{ .chat, .family, .church? The New.net Domains }}
   You may have seen advertisements promoting a variety of unusual
   domain names -- .agent, .golf, .church, law, .love, .ltd, .club, and
   so on. They're even available in various languages. You can get
   .love, but also .amor, .amour, .amore, and .liebe

   These domain names can be bought from New.net. But why don't we hear
   much about these domain names? Are they for real? Yes ... but ...

   [continued here:
http://netbizcoach.com/public/how_to/domains/new.net_domains.htm ]

   Promoting your Web site online? It doesn't mean just search
   engines and banner ads. You need to know about these low-cost yet
   effective promotional techniques that really do work!

   {{ Poor Richard's Web Site and Other Top Floor Books }}

   Top Floor Publishing now has thirteen books in print:

   Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover: Improve Your
   Message and Turn Visitors into Buyers

   Poor Richard's Creating E-Books: How Authors, Publishers, and
   Corporations Can Get Into Digital Print

   Poor Richard's Home and Small Office Networking: Room-to-Room
   or Around the World

   Poor Richard's Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the
   Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field

   Poor Richard's Internet Recruiting: Easy, Low-Cost Ways to
   Find Great Employees Online

   Poor Richard's Building Online Communities: Create a Web
   Community for Your Business, Club, Association, or Family

   The Official Miva Web-Scripting Book: Shopping Carts,
   Feedback Forms, Guestbooks, and More

   Poor Richard's Web Site, 2nd Edition: Geek-Free, Commonsense
   Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site

   Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing: Creating Newsletters,
   Bulletins, Discussion Groups, and Other Powerful
   Communication Tools

   Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions, 2nd
   Edition: How to Promote Yourself, Your Business, Your Ideas

   The CDnow Story: Rags to Riches on the Internet

   MP3 For Musicians: Promote Your Music Career Online

   MP3 and the Digital Music Revolution: Turn Your PC into a
   CD-Quality Jukebox

   ... we also carry the following books by Peter Kent

   Making Money in Technical Writing: Turn Your Writing Skills
   into $100,000 A Year

   The Official Netscape JavaScript Book

   Order direct from the publisher, and you'll get a 100%,
   1-Year Guarantee. If you feel the book wasn't worth the
   money, send it back for a refund!

   And remember, these books are discounted at the Web site, and
   you pay just one shipping cost regardless of how many books
   you buy!

   {{ Book Reviewers Wanted }}

   Do you review books for newspapers, magazines, newsletters
   (electronic or paper), Web sites, or other media spots?

   If so, perhaps you'd like to review one of Top Floor
   Publishing's recent books:

   * Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover: Improve Your
     Message and Turn Visitors into Buyers
   * Poor Richard's Home & Small Office Networking: Room-to-Room
     or Around the World
   * Poor Richard's Internet Recruiting: Easy, Low-Cost Ways To
     Find Great Employees Online
   * Poor Richard's Building Online Communities: Create a Web
     Community for Your Business, Club, Association, or Family

   Or perhaps you'd like to review "Poor Richard's Web Site:
   Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web
   Site, 2nd Edition"? Or maybe one of the other books mentioned

   Contact Top Floor's Marketing Director, Missy Ramey, at
   [EMAIL PROTECTED] Include your full mailing address, the
   name of newspaper/magazine/whatever in which the review will
   appear and the probable date of publication, and the editor's
   contact information.

   {{ BizBlast Reminder }}

   IMPORTANT-->: PLEASE NOTE: Despite the fact that two of my
   IMPORTANT-->: books, published early last year, mention
   IMPORTANT-->: BizBlast, I am no longer associated with the
   IMPORTANT-->: services marketed under the BizBlast name,
   IMPORTANT-->: and no longer promote those services.

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