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   About Time ...

   Long or Short Newsletter? Readers' Feedback

   The New Education Site

   $25 Web Site Logos

   Add a Search System to Your Web Site

   Web Strategy Phone Consultations

   Poor Richard's Web Site and Other Top Floor Books

   Book Reviewers Wanted

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   {{ About Time ... }}

   Well, I figured it was about time I did another newsletter!

   {{ Long or Short Newsletter? Readers' Feedback }}

   In my last newsletter I asked for feedback -- did people prefer
   the old long newsletter format (a big newsletter with entire
   articles) or the new format (excerpts from each article, with
   links back to full article on the Web site). Well, the feedback
   was pretty evenly split. You can see readers' comments here:

   So, what do I do? I think I'll compromise. I'll have a full
   article in the newsletter, but still include links back to
   other material on the Web site. Some articles simply aren't
   suitable for a plain-text newsletter article, anyway, For
   instance, the article on search systems for your Web site,
   mentioned below, is very long, includes links to dozens of
   products and services, includes a sample search form, and even
   allows readers to add comments to the bottom (if they want to
   add services I've missed, for instance). And in anycase, I
   freely admit that getting people visit the site _is_ part of
   the purpose! Some readers have cited this as some kind of trick
   I'm playing, but this is simply a business decision. As I've
   discussed in another article on the NetBizCoach site, any Web
   site must have two purposes -- to satisfy visitors' needs and
   desires, and to satisfy your own!

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   {{ The New Education Site }}

   Well, what do I do with my education site? For the moment, I'm
   just leaving it open to the public, for free. so feel free to


   Buy any 2 books from the Top Floor Web Site you'll get "The
   CDnow Story" FREE!

   "MP3 for Musicians" is now 50% off! Pay $13.98, save $13.97.

   See http://TopFloor.com/

   {{ $25 Web Site Logos }

   I've found a _great_ service for Web site owners on a budget:
   GotLogos.com will create a logo for you, for just $25! These
   are not junk, these are very well designed, attractive logos --
   see for yourself in GotLogos.com's Gallery:

   And see the new NetBizCoach.com logo on my Web site:

   Now, graphic design is very subjective. One person may like a
   logo, and another not; you may like one logo, and not another.
   I know that I'm going to get e-mail from graphic designers
   outraged that I should suggest that it's possible to get
   anything worth having for $25 ... but the fact is, you can.
   GotLogos.com does really good work!

   I should also note that there are some professions in which
   there is no direct correlation between cost and quality. I know
   technical writers, for instance, who've been in the business
   for years, make good money, and produce garbage. I also know
   young technical writers, making far less, who do a _far_ better
   job. Same with graphic artists -- it's quite possible to pay
   $1,000 or $2,000 for a logo and get something you're not going
   to be happy with. It's also possible to pay $25 and get
   something you _will_ be happy with. And if you're not happy?
   Hell, it was only $25!

   The cost for the logo really is $25 -- no hidden fees. That's
   exactly what I paid, and not a penny more. However,
   GotLogos.com does have a few services you may want to use, for
   an additional fee:

   Rush Delivery (24 hours): $10
   TIFF format file: $35
   Lifetime Logo Storage: $5
   Grayscale GIF format: $5

   By the way, if you decide to use this service, do me a favor
   ... type into the Additional Info box that Peter Kent, of
   NetBizCoach.com sent you.

   {{ Add a Search System to Your Web Site }}
   If your site is getting a little big for visitors to find what
   they need, maybe it's time to add a search system to your site.
   The good news is, you can do so very cheaply and easily. This
   new article ...

   * Explains the three ways you can add such a system to your
   * Describes some of the features you'll want to look for
   * Compares search scripts with search services
   * Explains which system I selected, and why
   * Provides a search box for you to try
   * Recommends three great services you might want to start with
   * Has links to information about 70 other scripts and services


   Promoting your Web site online? It doesn't mean just search
   engines and banner ads. You need to know about these low-cost
   yet effective promotional techniques that really do work!

   {{ Web Strategy Phone Consultations }}
   I've been online now a long time, and have seen every mistake
   in the book (many of them I made myself). I was creating Web
   pages in 1994, when almost nobody knew what the Internet was.
   I put an e-commerce Web site online in 1997 (I had to write
   scripts to get it to do what I needed), founded a dotcom that
   was funded by one of the world's largest VC companies ... I
   won't go on, you can learn about my experience here:

   Small mistakes in your Web strategy can be very costly. An
   hour or two spent chatting on the phone with me might be just
   what you need to keep on track and avoid expensive mistakes.
   If you're interested in a phone consultation, e-mail me at
   [EMAIL PROTECTED] for more information.

   {{ Poor Richard's Web Site and Other Top Floor Books }}

   Top Floor Publishing now has thirteen books in print:

   Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover: Improve Your
   Message and Turn Visitors into Buyers

   Poor Richard's Creating E-Books: How Authors, Publishers, and
   Corporations Can Get Into Digital Print

   Poor Richard's Home and Small Office Networking: Room-to-Room
   or Around the World

   Poor Richard's Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the
   Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field

   Poor Richard's Internet Recruiting: Easy, Low-Cost Ways to
   Find Great Employees Online

   Poor Richard's Building Online Communities: Create a Web
   Community for Your Business, Club, Association, or Family

   The Official Miva Web-Scripting Book: Shopping Carts,
   Feedback Forms, Guestbooks, and More

   Poor Richard's Web Site, 2nd Edition: Geek-Free, Commonsense
   Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site

   Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing: Creating Newsletters,
   Bulletins, Discussion Groups, and Other Powerful
   Communication Tools

   Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions, 2nd
   Edition: How to Promote Yourself, Your Business, Your Ideas

   The CDnow Story: Rags to Riches on the Internet

   MP3 For Musicians: Promote Your Music Career Online

   MP3 and the Digital Music Revolution: Turn Your PC into a
   CD-Quality Jukebox

   ... we also carry the following books by Peter Kent

   Making Money in Technical Writing: Turn Your Writing Skills
   into $100,000 A Year

   The Official Netscape JavaScript Book

   Order direct from the publisher, and you'll get a 100%,
   1-Year Guarantee. If you feel the book wasn't worth the
   money, send it back for a refund!

   And remember, these books are discounted at the Web site, and
   you pay just one shipping cost regardless of how many books
   you buy!

   {{ Book Reviewers Wanted }}

   Do you review books for newspapers, magazines, newsletters
   (electronic or paper), Web sites, or other media spots?

   If so, perhaps you'd like to review one of Top Floor
   Publishing's recent books:

   * Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover: Improve Your
     Message and Turn Visitors into Buyers
   * Poor Richard's Home & Small Office Networking: Room-to-Room
     or Around the World
   * Poor Richard's Internet Recruiting: Easy, Low-Cost Ways To
     Find Great Employees Online
   * Poor Richard's Building Online Communities: Create a Web
     Community for Your Business, Club, Association, or Family

   Or perhaps you'd like to review "Poor Richard's Web Site:
   Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web
   Site, 2nd Edition"? Or maybe one of the other books mentioned

   Contact Top Floor's Marketing Director, Missy Ramey, at
   [EMAIL PROTECTED] Include your full mailing address, the
   name of newspaper/magazine/whatever in which the review will
   appear and the probable date of publication, and the editor's
   contact information.

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