I am using PSAD Version: 2.1.5 (file revision: 2253).
     I have writen, in my auto_dl file, the next rule:
    1    udp/137-138;

     Nevertheless I am still receiving emails with the following 
          Danger level: [3] (out of 5)

     Scanned UDP ports: [138: 7 packets, Nmap: -sU]
        iptables chain: INPUT (prefix "Inbound"), 7 packets

                   DNS: ns305492.ovh.net

           Destination: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx
                   DNS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Overall scan start: Mon Nov  9 11:49:54 2009
    Total email alerts: 3
    Complete UDP range: [137-138]

     In this post you can see that the danger level is still 3.
     This exception works if I write it in this manner:

     0    udp/137-138;

     IMHO, this is a bug, no?

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