2009/12/2 Michael Rash <m...@cipherdyne.org>:
> On Dec 01, 2009, Fred Leeflang wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hello,
>> We've recently hacked NFLOG support into vuurmuur. An old-ish writeup
>> of making psad work together with vuurmuur is here:
>> http://vuurmuur.org/trac/wiki/PSAD
>> I tried to make psad work with vuurmuur/nflog again but there are two
>> issues stopping me from doing so:
>> - I could not find any NFLOG support in psad. Maybe I've missed it. Is
>> it in there or are there any plans to hack it in psad?
>> - the netfilter core apparently does not do multicasting to multiple
>> applications listening to the same nflog-group.
>> If there's no nflog support in psad but it's desirable I would like to
>> help as I have gained some experience with it (see
>> http://wordpress.3dn.nl/2009/11/25/iptabes-nflog-support-in-vuurmuur/)
> There is no support currently in psad for NFLOG, but I think that
> would be an interesting feature.  I suppose the question would be
> whether to write a perl XS extension of libnetfilter_log (since a
> quick look at CPAN didn't turn up anything) so that psad can handle
> the data from the netlink socket itself, or if it would be better
> to have a lightweight C application that takes the data from the
> netlink socket and writes iptables LOG formatted data to a file or
> to stdout.  The later would certainly be easier (especially when
> ulog2 is ready for general release I think), but do you see a
> compelling reason to have psad itself receive data from the netlink
> socket?

Hi Michael,

We've contemplated using ulogd2's syslog emulation ourselves but
decided against it since it would introduce another dependency. It
certainly works, I've tried it out and have found no problems with
it at all, in fact I used some of the ulogd2 code as example code
for implementing NFLOG in vuurmuur.

With the NFLOG target being unicast and logfiles by their nature
being 'multicast', it certainly would be easier to just use the ulogd2
output files. I think I have to think about this a little longer.

The only compelling reason I could see to have psad itself receive data
from the netlink socket is speed (from a general point of view) and
easier integration (from vuurmuur's point of view).


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