I've just started watching the thread and psad on CentOS. I've tried every
combination of versions and none seem to work. The i386 version seems to
have the correct directory structure but has dependency problems. The x64
version has a different directory structure (/usr/etc/init.d) and has
different issues. It seems that reliable rpms for RHEL/CentOS need to be

I don't know your current load or how long this will take to do but if you
need help I have an entire class of Linux Security students that know how to
create packages. If you're swamped I can assign it to them as long as they
get credit for the work. I'm trying to leave breadcrumbs on the internet for
them so when they go in for a job and the company googles them they get

With a good idea and an endless supply of free labor it's no telling what
you can do. :-)

Grant McWilliams
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