Today I managed to get psad working with the perl gamin module. The advantage to this is that psad will no longer have to sleep for x seconds before rescanning for logfile changes.

With gamin support, the function call will block until the monitored file (fwdata) is changed. This saves cpu cycles and can even lead to faster attack responses.

I have attached a patch that I am currently using on the psad (2.1.7-1) in Debian Squeeze. It is not the best way, but a definite proof of concept if you feel it worthwhile to go down this path.

Thank you for the great software and hard work.
--- psad.orig     2011-01-02 15:30:18.903381734 -0600
+++ psad          2011-01-02 20:53:36.015381198 -0600
@@ -140,6 +140,7 @@
 use IO::Handle;
 use Data::Dumper;
 use Getopt::Long 'GetOptions';
+use Sys::Gamin;
 use strict;

 ### ========================== main =================================
@@ -730,6 +731,12 @@
 open FWDATA, $fw_data_file or die '[*] Could not open ',
     "$fw_data_file: $!";

+### Setup Gamin to monitor file
+my $gamin_m = new Sys::Gamin;
+my $gaminEvent;
     if $config{'ENABLE_AUTO_IDS'} eq 'Y';

@@ -965,7 +972,11 @@

     ### sleep for the check interval seconds
-    sleep $config{'CHECK_INTERVAL'};
+    #sleep $config{'CHECK_INTERVAL'};
+    ### Block until file changes ###
+    $gaminEvent = $gamin_m->next_event;
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