On Jun 01, 2012, Chandana De Silva wrote:

> Hello all,

Hello Chandana,

> I need to do some analysis on a really old RHEL 4 host, and would like 
> to install psad. Is there some way that I can configure the installer 
> NOT to look for ip6tables ?

If you are installing from source with the install.pl script, then
do the following:

- In the psad-2.2/ directory you are installing from, edit the psad.conf
file and set ENABLE_IPV6_DETECTION to N, and then comment out the line
that specifies the ip6tables path like so:

#ip6tablesCmd     /sbin/ip6tables;

- Now, run the install.pl script.  If you have an existing installation
and you allow install.pl to merge with this existing configuration,
then you will need to edit the /etc/psad/psad.conf file to do the same
as above.

After these two things, psad should install and run.

Please let me know if there are any issues.



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