Dear Members,

I have started using psad with fwsnort and it is awesome!

I have received alerts but they are not clear to me as it did not include the msg: field for the description

Right now I have to manually open up to search for SID2013222 to figure out what it is.

Is there anyway we could include the info?

Thank you!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Mon Oct 15 20:16:52 2012 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

         Danger level: [1] (out of 5)

    Scanned TCP ports: [55016: 3 packets]
            TCP flags: [ACK: 3 packets]
       iptables chain: FWSNORT_FORWARD_ESTAB (*prefix "[929] SID2013222 
ESTAB"*), 3 packets
         fwsnort rule: 929

               Source: xxxxx
                  DNS: xxxxxx

          Destination: xxxxx
                  DNS: [No reverse dns info available]

   Overall scan start: Mon Oct 15 20:16:16 2012
   Total email alerts: 7
   Complete TCP range: [24722-55016]
      Syslog hostname: bgp2

         Global stats: chain:   interface:   TCP:   UDP:   ICMP:
                       FORWARD  bond2        4      0      0

[+] Whois Information (source IP):
Unknown AS number or IP network. Please upgrade this program.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Mon Oct 15 20:16:52 2012 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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