>     e.g i do not want only 1 specific signature to be triggered against

> > only 1 specific host.  i do not want to change the danger level of
> > signature nor host individually.
> >
> The auto_dl feature could be extended to apply exclusion logic to
> individual signatures for specified IP's/networks, but this isn't
> currently supported.  I'll take a look at adding this for the next
> release.
Thanks, more customize auto_dl file will help to give more firm grip on
this beautiful peace of work.

> >
> > however i am still getting DL2 type alerts. is there anything more i
> could
> > do to only log alerts from level 1 to 2 and for above levels i need alert
> > in log  and email.
> If I understand correctly, then this isn't currently supported either
> but something I may add in the next release.
Thanks, this will definitely help to separate unwanted/false alarm from
real attacks.

Thanks for sharing.

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