i was trying to mitigate false alarm. i do not want to block normal ping
packet however if some one try to increase the size of the packet then it
should be blocked as per "AUTO_BLOCK_TIMEOUT"  i set block time to 3600
seconds.  i notice that when some one try to send large ping packets. they
are detected by

>>ICMP_INFO PING speedera" (sid: 2100480) icmp fwsnort chain:
>>FWSNORT_INPUT rule: 4566
>>"ICMP PING speedera" (sid: 480) icmp fwsnort chain: FWSNORT_INPUT rule:

therefore i set the danger level of above signature to 5 in snort_rules_dl
file like this
>>2100480 5;
>>480 5;

as you can see it is detecting and even blocking the host as in below log.
>>psad: added iptables auto-block against 182.x.x.100 (unlimited timeout)

but just after a minute i see this like
>>psad: removed iptables auto-block against 182.x.x.100

whe i see "psad -S: it shows me log showed below, but the point is my
AUTO_BLOCK_TIMEOUT is set to 3600 seconds

>>"Writing 182.x.x.100 to socket; psad will remove the IP
>>within 5 seconds"

so, the question is what is overriding the AUTO_BLOCK_TIMEOUT and "danger
level manually defined in snort_rule_dl file "

and how can i fix this problem?


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