Thanks Mike, If you could take a shot at it I would be greatly appreciative.  
I'm not sure I have the chops to pull it off properly and it should probably be 
something that gets fed back in upstream.



> Thanks for sending the init script over.  That script looks to be the cause
of the problem I think mainly because it doesn't seems to be written for
upstart.  At least, it doesn't use things like "expect fork", "respawn",
etc.  Also, it is outdated in that it is creating the psadfifo file and
dealing with kmsgsd - both of which should no longer be used since psad
parses iptables logs directly from whatever file syslog writes them. I think I 
should probably install a RHEL VM and write an init script for
upstart running on Red Hat.  It may take me a few days to dive into this. Or, 
if you are interested in working on this, it would likely be quite
doable - a good path I think would be to reference an existing script for a
different daemon and adapt it to psad... Thanks, --Mike
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