psad is working but dont detect scan nmap, only show alert from ip

  Top 25 attackers:   DL: 1, Packets: 6, Sig count: 0

[+] Top 20 scanned ports:

       udp 41050 1 packets
       udp 56370 1 packets
       udp 48495 1 packets
       udp 47398 1 packets
       udp 35237 1 packets
       udp 49542 1 packets

[+] iptables log prefix counters:
       "[UFW BLOCK]": 6

     Total protocol packet counters:
          udp: 6 pkts

[+] IP Status Detail:

SRC:, DL: 1, Dsts: 1, Pkts: 6, Total protocols: 1, Unique 
sigs: 0, Email alerts: 1, Local IP

     DST:, Local IP
         Scanned ports: UDP 35237-56370, Pkts: 6, Chain: INPUT, Intf: wlan0
         Total scanned IP protocols: 1, Chain: INPUT, Intf: wlan0

     Total scan sources: 1
     Total scan destinations: 1

[+] These results are available in: /var/log/psad/status.out


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