Hi all,

psad-2.4.0 has been released:


Here is the complete ChangeLog:

    - Added support for reading syslog messages from journalctl on systems
      where syslog data is tied into systemd. psad detects journalctl by
      default, but this can be disabled via the AUTO_DETECT_JOURNALCTL
      variable. When enabled, by default the command executed by psad to
      acquire syslog data is '/bin/journalctl -f -k', but both the command
      path and the command args can be altered with the FW_MSG_READ_CMD and
      FW_MSG_READ_CMD_ARGS variables respectively.
    - Added support for systems with 'firewalld' by leveraging the
      'firewall-cmd' binary. This is done via the updated IPTables::Parse
      IPTables::ChainMgr modules.
    - Bug fix reported by Shlomit Afgin to handle the syslog time format
      looks like '2015-03-08T02:25:11.444012+02:00 servername kernel: ..'.
      This fix has also been extended to allow psad to handle custom time
      formats that are allowed by some syslog daemons. This is controlled
      two new config variables CUSTOM_SYSLOG_TS_RE and CUSTOM_SYSLOG_TS_RE.
    - Updated all module dependencies in the deps/ directory.
    - Bug fix reported by Brad Rubenstein to ensure exiting with a proper
      status in 'psad --HUP' mode. This was also extended to ensure better
      exit status returns in other modes as well such as --Status, and
      Fixes issue #11 on github.


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