Hi all,

psad-2.4.1 has been released:



    - Bug fix to honor the IGNORE_PROTOCOLS configuration variable for
      non-tcp/udp/icmp protocols. This bug was reported by Paul Versloot.
      Also extended the IGNORE_PROTOCOLS feature to match on both protocol
      name and number as well regardless of what iptables reports within log
      messages. This is so the user does not have to know what iptables will
      report (which can be inconsistent, e.g. 'TCP' vs. '2' for IGMP).
    - Added two configuration variables ENABLE_WHOIS_LOOKUPS and
      ENABLE_DNS_LOOKUPS (set to 'Y' by default) to allow whois and reverse
      DNS lookups to be controlled from the command line.
    - Bug fix for an uninitialized variable in 'psad -L' mode when auto
      blocking is enabled. This bug was reported via github issue #19 by
      gihub user 'itoffshore'.


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