Check if this is enabled in the config.

If set to "Y" instructs psad to either include all scan signatures associated 
with an IP address in every new email alert for the IP. Note that this may 
result in long email alerts if an IP is persistantly hitting your site with 
suspicious traffic over a long period of time. SHOW_ALL_SIGNATURES is set to 
"N" by default and hence psad will only display alert information associate 
with new signatures. 
SHOW_ALL_SIGNATURES                 N;

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Fra: Bill Hudacek [] 
Sendt: fredag 25. november 2016 06:05
Emne: [psad-discuss] PSAD notifications

Hvis du ikke √łnsker slike eposter i fremtiden vennligst benytt deg av 
avmeldingslinken vedlagt i eposten nedenfor.
[apologies if this is a duplicate.  I subscribed, sent this note, and have not 
seen it - or any replies - nor any other traffic from the list. gmail is not 
putting anything from the list in the spam folder. 
Is this thing on?]

I'm on CentOS 6.8 - knowing I need to update to get to v7.x... so I have 

I was getting email notifications with this subject:

[psad-status] added iptables auto-block against for NN  seconds


[psad-status] removed iptables block against

The emails are empty.

Separately, I get DLn messages that include info on ports, whois info, etc.  
These are welcomed.

I managed to only disable the DLn messages - the opposite of what I intended.

How can I only disable these empty notifications? I searched the mailing list 
before subscribing, but didn't see anything relevant.


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