Since using Keith and Bdale's shiny new flight computer wasn't really an
option, and I wasn't terribly keen on laying out a board for the LPC
header board... Keith talked us into option "C".

1) We're going to use the current "smashed up" LPC2148 board to log the
SCP1000 output to flash. Dave is going to use the current firmware, and
simply start logging until the flash is filled after we press both
buttons on the dev board.

2) I have a GPS unit that fits in a small plastic box. We can use that
to log data, too :)

3) Instead of building up a whole other temporary flight computer, we're
going to use two timers. In particular, I'm trying to get two of these:


The idea here is that the static line now starts the count down of these
two timers, one for the drogue and one for the main. Dead simple.

Tim and Nathan: can you please come up with independent timer values for
the following scenarios:

1) Drop at 2,600 AGL
2) Deploy drogue at 1,500 ft AGL.
3) Deploy main at 750 ft AGL.



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