(2009.05.21) and...@psas.pdx.edu:
> Robert of OROC wants a simulation of our flight before we get the green
> light to fly. I think that means that Eric and Tim need to chat ASAP and
> get that going in ALT4?

We have a preliminary simulation result.

   Launch Weight        52.87 Pounds
   Position of CG       86.08 in from nose tip
   Fin root             15.34 in
   Fin tip              8 in
   Fin semi-span        6 in
   Fin sweep            3.57 in

   Position of fin leading edge  111.83 in from nose tip

   Max Altitude         14649 ft
   Max Velocity         1350 ft/s (Mach 1.21)
   Position of CP       102.8 in from nose tip
   Stability Margin     +2.95 calibers

This simulation can be refined once the avionics are completed.

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