Sure, that makes sense to me. It'll be a scramble to put everything back
together again in an afternoon/evening, but I bet we could do it.

Let's prioritize these and figure out what we should do right away at
the next meeting, and do a timeline to see what we must/should/might
want to do by then.

We can also seriously discuss active roll control then, although Dan
can't make it to Tuesday evening meetings for a while...


Dave Camarillo wrote:
> For a complete 2nd airframe, there are a bunch of parts to be made,
> including the following:
> -nosecond tip
> -tip ring
> -nosecone
> -NSR
> -Motor Coupler
> -main and drouge chutes, with bags
> -drouge pusher
> -more aeroshell
> -motor centering ring
> -motor ferring
> -replacement launch lug(s) for melted one(s)
> -Avionics stuff, maybe same, maybe different
> -Fins
> While I think we should continue to build these parts, I think there's
> many many hours of work involved in making these, and if we want to do
> a 2nd launch we should try to re-use what parts we can from the first
> airframe.
> Perhaps we consider making 2nd's of the critical parts, and have a
> replacement payload or avionics module that facilitates the canards?
> In theory this airframe is reusable right? So we replace/rebuild the
> consumable parts after the 1st launch, and launch again. It seams
> reasonable that we could launch early saturday, re-assemble saturday
> afternoon/evening, and re-launch Sunday.
> Thoughts?
> later,
> -dave

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