Humm... a titanium nosecone tip would be pretty cool :) I could also see use
for mg parts... we end up making all kinds of interesting parts for the
rocket and raw materials are always handy :) Hope to see you there...

Best regards,

On Sep 4, 2009 10:01 PM, "Barton C Massey" <> wrote:

I don't know about the magnesium, but I suspect the Portland
State Aerospace Society could find a use for the titanium.
I've cced our airframe team, who will hopefully comment.


In message <028e01ca2d3c$4023dbe0$c06b93...@com> you wrote:
> Hey Dorks!
> (I mean that in the best possible way)
> I've been trying to clean out my shop so I can actually build something in
> it and while doing so I came across a small quantity of titanium.  I've
> about a dozen or so bars that are 8-10 inches long x 2 inches x 2 inches.
> did the grinder test on them so I'm sure it's titanium but I don't know
> grade.  If I can remember correctly, how I came about it, it should be
> as high a grade titanium as is possible.
> Also, if anyone needs a couple of barrels of magnesium I might be able to
> hook you up.  My wife has gotten tired of me burning holes in the pavement
> out in front of our house and evidently making fireworks at home is
> upon due to some sort of homeland security thing.
> If anyone's interested, e-mail me and I'll bring it to the next meeting.
> -Greg
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