WTF? Did you speak with Ron (Duffy) at LCS? Perhaps I'm missing something here, but unless you asked for very thick plates, that shouldn't be a problem. It sounds like the kind of blow off I've heard when I've asked for a freebee as a 'student organization'.

So how thick are the parts you requested? Also, are the hole dimensions larger than 1.5x the thickness?

That said, another option (when heat is a problem) is waterjet cutting. I know there is a shop in Vancouver that does it, but I don't recall the name.

Do you know of (did anyone suggest) a cnc punch in Portland that does economical proto work?

I'll give LCS a call and see what's up. If you could, let me know whether the parts are in your name or PSAS. Maybe just send me the zip file that you sent to them as well as the thicknesses, etc.

Quoting Andrew Greenberg <>:

So I've gotten quite a bit of feedback from people on laser cutting the
avionics plates, and the answer is, in general, "bad idea".

Apparently with so many little holes, the part heats up and warps
("potato chips" or "bananas" or pick your own curvy fruit analogy here).

So, apparently, what we want is a CNC punch at a sheet metal shop.

I'll pursue that now...

Andrew Greenberg

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