After the waiting in line that was reported to me from the Tillamook Level 1
cert launch last week for the single launch rail, I had my company order in
20 feet of 10-10 rail. I had it pre-cut to save a ton on shipping (UPS has a
maximum length spec so I would've had to use a truck shipping company) and
arbitrarily chose 2 - 7' sections and one 6' section. Neither Dave nor I
have time to assemble these into 2 or 3 launch rails for the Brothers launch
coming up so if there is someone willing to do that I will reimburse for
additional materials costs (keep it cheap please! Scrounge if you can
<g>)... my company wants to own the results, but will keep them available
for any PSAS members to use for cert launches.

This will make the Brothers cert launches go MUCH faster I think, but we
need someone to take on the assembly of these. I can bring the rails to the
May 6 cert test meeting, if that will work (assuming they come in by then...
they should be here any day now).

Any volunteers for building these?

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