I just found this gem of a paragraph in an abstract for a paper I can't get

Canards are attractive devices for guided missile control. They allow for a
> compact size, a high degree of
> maneuverability and low hinge moments. However, the use of canards as
> control devices complicates the
> rolling moment characteristics. As canards are deflected in pitch, roll,
> and/or yaw, vortices emanating from the
> canards stream aft and interact with the tail section which typically
> induces an adverse rolling moment. *The adverse
> rolling moment can result in a roll reversal if the induced roll from the
> tail fins exceeds the direct canard roll control.*
> Oftentimes, a roll mechanism is used in a canard-controlled system to
> mitigate the adverse roll properties. This has
> been accomplished with free-spinning tail sections and in the case of the
> Sidewinder missile, with rollerons or...

Emphasis mine.

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