Hi Evan!

Yes, we're planning on a slightly larger diameter tubing for LV3, but I
don't think we'll be doing 9" (!). We'll see, the requirements are in
flux right now and we're trying to vaguely intelligently set them.

Thanks for the sleeving info, I'll pass that along to the group!


On 12/18/2013 03:15 PM, Evan Waymire wrote:
> Andrew,
> It appears PSAS is considering making large diameter (~9") carbon fiber
> airframes? You might want to know about a company that produces raw
> carbon fiber sleeves (no resin) in diameters up to
> 24": http://www.sollercomposites.com/composites/carbon%20fiber%20sleeves.html
> They also have some tips for making hollow cylindrical objects with the
> sleeves: http://www.sollercomposites.com/MakingShafts.html
> sincerely,
> Evan Waymire

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