PSAS meeting notesLV3

   - Triple confirmed: the giant hunk of aluminum in the rocket lab is for
   the nosecone separation ring (NSR). They got it from Metal Supermarkets.
      - The NSR will attach to the nose via a standard module ring. We
      don't need to worry about co-molding a special ring.
   - In the past, ASME has given students a bit of a run around,
   apparently. They will give the $ 350 prize really easily but then ask us to
   compete for the higher awards. So, if we are in a position where we would
   need to choose between doing something for ASME and doing anything in the
   lab, Andrew suggests we just do the lab stuff.
   - The Github class will be next week... which is what they said last
   - AIAA paper <https://www.aiaa-space.org/>
      - If we do the the paper, we don't need to worry about ITAR/legal
      stuff, since our project doesn't really have anything to do with making
      - Erin suggested we might do the paper as a thing between both LV3
      and LV4.
   - Metal Technology Inc. <http://www.mtialbany.com/> is based in Albany,
   and 3D printed a fin section for a university in some other state. So, they
   might be on board for helping with things. (Fin frame? Nose tip?)
   - Andrew says we should just use the *sw-cad-airframe-lv3.0* repo for
   our work, rather than making a new one.
   - Jeremy pointed out that if we reduce the angle of the fins, we will
   end up moving the center of pressure forward, and will need more fin area
   and/or nose mass to compensate. Also, as M -> 1, the center of pressure
   moves forward.
   - Random thought: we might want to co-mold thermocouples into the nose
   cone, to have some indication as to whether or not the nose gets too hot
   during flight. That way, if it gets too hot, they'll at least *know* about
   it and maybe be able to replace it.


   - *In the future, when we have contact with businesses (or other public
   stuff) we should pass it by either Andrew or Erin.* They just want to
   double check things, since they want to form long term relationships with
   the companies that help us. This goes double for places like Boeing and
   - When we make something physical, we should bring it to the meeting to
   show off.
   - Anyone who is part of the PSAS group... If you have some event that
   your team is doing -- particularly something that others could join in on,
   like a CF layup -- add it to the PSAS Google calendar. You can do that by
   going to the /secret repository.
   - There's an OMSI After Dark thing on March 30, if anyone's interested.
   - Anyone who can make it to the PSAS meetings, I suggest doing so. Erin,
   Jeremy, and Andrew have been doing this for a while, and have some really
   good insights.

~Joe Shields
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