What happened since last Tuesday

   - Boeing meeting went well
      - We have to bug them every once in a while to get their
      unused/expired stuff (Leslie is doing the bugging)
      - We have made a request on some of their materials. Someone in
      Seattle is saving it for us on Wednesday, so we can pick it up
on Thursday.
   - We are driving to Seattle on Thursday to get the donations from PCC.
   They are also donating 3M adhesive! (That alone is a whole budget-worth of
      - The VMS freezer has been emptied to make room. No other freezer
      news AFAIK.
   - We are taking a tour of Machine Sciences on Friday at 11 in
   - Brandon is working on a CAD model for the fin frames.
   - I'm working on a CFD model for the nose cone heating.
   - Everyone else is working on the video for SpaceX.
   - Does anyone have a copy of AeroCFD or AeroFinSim?
      - Jeremy sent me FinSim stuff.

PSAS meeting news

   - Freezer stuff:
      - There's a giant fridge, but it's not big enough.
      - Talk to Erin and ME peeps (Trisha Hutchins? Dave and Erin know who
      she is.)
      - Bio walk-in freezer?
      - Priority #1 is the freezer!!!
      - Really should be -20 degC?
   - Mach 5 lowdown -- stuff on skin temperature of a rocket
   - Open Source Hardware Summit? <http://2016.oshwa.org/>
   - AIAA extended abstract is due Thurs. 25. <https://www.aiaa-space.org/>
   - Andrew has another separate SpaceX contact.
   - So, even if you got your Githb username added to the PSAS group, you
   may not actually be able to make changes to repos in the PSAS group. So, we
   need to resend the list of our usernames to him.
   - Kristen, David, Joe, and David2 got a bit of a tutorial on Github.
   - Ask Andrew about what our expected weights and CMs are for the
   different modules. Ask Jordan
   <https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/dingus> about the
   parameters for the NSR. Ask Andrew about misc/extraneous/conceptual
   - Apparently SW is actually an okay first approximation for nose cone
   heating. StarCCM would also be good.
   - Jeremy is usually available on Sat 12-4 and all day Tues
   - Erin doesn't think we need to worry too much about heat
   - CFD would be useful for improving the OR models.
   - Fin can would actually be a more productive place to do CFD
   - Most efficient use of time:
      - OR -> OpenFOAM -> better drag coeff -> OR -> final design

~Joe Shields
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