Our trip to Pacific Coast Composites was extremely successful. They ended
up donating way more fiber glass than we expected. So, if there are any
projects that can use prepreg fiber glass, ask the LV3 team. They guessed
that we got about 30k worth of donations!

   - We were *just barely*(!) able to fit the carbon fiber roll into the
   VMS freezer... as long as there is something weighing down the lid. We had
   to cut about 1.5" off of one end, but we *didn't* have to cut the whole
   roll in half. We also fit in two rolls of unidirectional CF, a small roll
   of adhesive film, and some FG rolls.
   - We also put some FG rolls in the freezer in the capstone lab.
   - We were able to get access to the biology cold room in SRTC 425, so
   the remainder of the FG rolls went into the cold room.

We still need to take a formal inventory of what got donated, but a rough
inventory looks like this:

   - 1 roll of prepreg CF (6 feet wide, unkown length)
   - 1 roll of AF-30 adhesive film (3 feet wide, 17 yards)
   - 2 rolls of unidirectional CF tape (1 foot wide, unknown length)
   - many rolls of prepreg fiber glass
   - 1 aluminum surface treatment kit

So, we can finally start doing layups (yay!). *The critical goal now is
getting a permanent freezer.* The VMS freezer, the capstone lab freezer,
and the biology cold room are all borrowed space. The biology cold room is
not even cold enough for storing prepreg composites; it's just better than
room temperature. We also don't want to bother the biology department. The
sooner we can get a permanent freezer for all of this, the better.
~Joe Shields
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