- LV4 found the liquid version of the adhesive. It's also hella
   expensive. They're looking into getting a small amount of it.
   - We should see if we can buy just a few yards of the adhesive so we can
   practice using it.
   - Erin suggested some software: Missile Datcom, Digital Datcom, and
      - Nathan (natronics on Github) did a bunch of simulations in JSBsim
      and put them on Github.
   - When we make CAD models, we should send them to Andrew as "step" files
   so he can show them off during the meeting.
   - To unbreak the LV3 Solidworks assembly, we have to download the RCS
   repo and put it in the same folder as the sw-cad-airframe-LV3.0 repo. It
   turns out it actually knows both the absolute and relative file paths. So,
   if you open the assemblies while you have the RCS repo cloned, it should
   all work.
   - The summer launch is actually two launches on the same weekend. The
   first launch (L13a) is the stress-test, with only the minimal components
   (motor, fins, flight computer, NSR, parachute, nose cone). The second
   launch (L13b) is the more normal loadout with the RCS and other payload
   stuff. There might just be a cubesat chilling inside one of the modules.
   - The OpenRocket model stuff is a "must" agenda item, not a "should".
      - We have to update the current OpenRocket model for any changes to
      L13a, and make the model for L13b.
      - We've got an estimate for what the NSR will be like. Though, it
      will probably be shorter as they modify it and heavier when other stuff
      gets shoved inside it.
      - The RCS repo has the relevant information in it.
      - The other stuff is in a state of "I don't know."
   - Putting a thermocouple in the nose tip is a-okay. Collecting the data
   from it would likely just be done with an Arduino and handled by an ECE
   - I got the empirical relation for finding the heating on a spherical
   tip from Pete. That will work for estimating the heat flux at the very tip
   of the nose cone, but won't really tell us anything about the necessary
   length of the aluminum tip or the necessary radius on the fins.
   - I talked with Erin and Jeremy about the fins. They're worried that
   they're too much like a flat plate.

~Joe Shields
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