I am heading to the biology department in 20 minutes to see of anyone is
there to help.

On Mar 21, 2016 12:58 PM, "Joseph Shields" <shiel...@pdx.edu> wrote:

> So, we're heading back with a full (!) van of materials. Loren, our
> contact for the donation, estimated that we were getting  60k of stuff. He
> requested that we send him pictures of what we end up making, and he's
> curious to hear about our process.
> We've got all of the adhesive and carbon fiber. We got two of the big
> bales of breather material. We picked up all of the vacuum bagging
> material, except for one roll that was really waterlogged. They had a bunch
> of pre-made kits for vacuum bagging which we got. I think we have enough
> vacuum bagging supplies for many more capstones, minus release film and
> tape.
> If anyone's on campus, or can get to campus, we'll need help finding space
> for everything.
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