Unfortunate news,
It looks like MME is adamant that the freezer is going in the MELT lab; an
electrician is coming in tomorrow to make a quote for installing the 230 A
outlet. No word yet on when the actual installation would take place.
Hopefully I'll have concrete details on that tomorrow.

Also, some folks in the MME office asked about release forms for the Boeing
donation, and that they wouldn't be able to have them signed ex post facto.
Does anybody have more information about this?

Ad astra,
Erin Schmidt

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Andrew Greenberg <a...@ece.pdx.edu> wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> psas-airframe is a better list for this kind of thing, not psas-team.
> > I just got an email from Dr. Lindgren in the Biology department. They
> > would like us to have the stuff out of the cold room before the start of
> > the term, so it's not in the way of people's experiments.
> If you could respond to Dr. Lindgren and let him know we'll have it out
> by then, that would be great.
> > Is there any news on if/when we can move the freezer?
> Erin, any update on this, including use of the Capstone lab?
> URGENT: Joe or Erin, can you please email Kenny and me closeup pictures
> of the outlet in the capstone lab, and of the plug on the freezer? We're
> trying to figure out an adapter today.
> > When we move the rolls out of the cold rooms, it's going to be a little
> > more difficult than loading them in, since they don't have their boxes...
> Sure. We'll have an open bed big pickup, so I think it'll work out. But
> you're right, more is better. We'll coordinate times once we know more
> about the freezer.
> Andrew
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