Since the last update, we were able to get our new freezer as well as a
plug for it. On top of that, we rearranged the material in the VMS freezer,
our new freezer and the cold room. VMS and our freezer are now full. Alex
also got some vacuum bagging peripherals donated, so I think everyone is
basically set for materials.

We still need to clear out the material that's in the biology cold room.
That's kind of the only hurdle left for the materials stuff. Rob and Shawn
from VMS both expressed interest in using fiber glass, so we might be able
to get rid of some that way. We gave two big rolls of FG, one small roll of
CF, and two small vacuum bag kits to CTRL-H <>,
so that's a little more space. Erin is also attending a conference where
there might be people in need of fiberglass.

LV3 made a layup of a fin module using the new 1515 adhesive and a caul
plate. The 1515 basically fixed most of the problems with the other layups.
There was no wrinkling of the CF or delamination from the nomex or
aluminum. However, there are still a ton of dry fibers on the outer layer.
We also had a slight issue with the vacuum bag. The tubular bagging
material we were using for the inside of the madrel was a little too small,
which made the ends of the bag suck in. This is easily fixed by forming the
inner tube from a flat sheet.

[image: LU16-4]

The LV4 team is also doing their first layup this Sunday. Hopefully we can
also put some small test sections in the oven to try and solve this issue
with the resin not wetting the outer fibers.

OMSI After Dark Happened. There was one guy who worked at Boeing doing
manufacturing, so hopefully he will swing by a meeting.
~Joe Shields
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