Hi Guys,
Bob of Robert's Rocket Project (
http://watzlavick.com/robert/rocket/index.html) has a chat with us recently
about feed system components. Here are the key takeaways:

-Super cheap sintered bronze filters are available from Mcmaster Carr
(98355K853) and appear to be both ethanol and LOX compatible.

-Bob recommends 6-12" of isolation of pressure relief system from the vent
valve/LOX tank manifold assembly (conduction path, unless a failure has
occurred there should be no flow path of the LOX directly to these

-3/8" on the main lines may be too small. There are NASA guidelines for
maximum flow speed in tubes which we should follow.

-Bob recommends a (valveless) full-flow quick disconnect on the LOX fill.

-Bob recommends a snap-tite QD fitting on fuel fill.

-It's imperative that the vent valve be cryo rated, he suggest that it be
1/2" sized.

-Fill LOX from a low pressure dewer (turn off the pressure builder valve);
we will want to fill w/ 30 psi or so.

-Bob suggests that we use Orego globe valve for the LOX manual bleed valve.
Something along the lines of

Ad astra,
Erin Schmidt
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