Mostly info for Joe, but wanted to share the progress with the team,

I'll definitely be able to cut the nose cone. I was able to open up the
STL file start making the tools paths. It'll probably take about 90 mins
to to the roughing and 6-12 hrs to do the final finish.

I've leveled an area on the router bed big enough for the foam block. I'm
planning to start cutting the test foam tomorrow. If that goes well, the
final piece can be cut this weekend.

The last item is the logistics of getting the foam, I'm not able to come
to tonight's meeting, so if you and whoever else are interested in seeing
the cnc router get started and possibly seeing the quadcopter run, then
you could bring it up this weekend and start cutting it then. Then I'd be
able to then bring it back at next Tuesday's meeting.


On Fri, February 3, 2017 8:08 am, Joseph Shields wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> I forgot, I meant to send this to you. Here're the CAD files for the nose
> cone plug. -- Joe Shields <>

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