It looks like the best time for the OreSat structure meeting would be
Saturday morning. So, let’s plan to meet at *10 am on Saturday* in the
rocket room and/or the hangout <>.

I added some later times to the poll and forgot to tell anyone. So, if you
really want the meeting to be at one of those later times, I guess you can
give a holla.

I think the main stuff we want to do at this meeting is help each other
with any clarifications and *pick some parts to convert before the next
meeting*. (It might also be good to talk about what we plan to change, so
we don’t constantly create merge conflicts with the assemblies. We could
also just use branches for this.)
day time max yes maybe max non-no
Thu. 12-2 pm 4 1 4
Fri. 6-7 pm 4 0 4
*Sat.* *10 am-1 pm* 4 2 *5*
Sat. 4-7 pm 4 0 4
Sun. 5-7 pm 4 0 4

The reason for choosing this time is to get all the people who are working
on converting the model to attend. (And also just to get the maximum number
of people to attend.)

-- Joe Shields <>

On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 9:21 PM, Joseph Shields <> wrote:

> Hey airframe list,
> We need to pick a new time for the OreSat strucutre meeting
> <>, since the old one doesn’t work
> any more didn’t work. As usual, this isn’t a poll for the *specific* days
> you’re free, but rather the *day’s of the week* you’re usually free.
> In the near future this is just a time to all sit down with SolidWorks and
> get each other unstuck or assign parts to migrate. In the less near future,
> this is about designing the antenna deployment.
> ​
> -- Joe Shields <>
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