Go nuts. I sure have. The new ikiwiki is born about nine months after
its conception; I have more sympathy with the pains of pregnancy. [1]

At next Wednesday's meeting (around 7:30, I'd guess) we'll have a
tutorial on ikiwiki, along with just enough about git to do basic edits.
Those are the workshops Andrew mentioned in his mail yesterday.

Editing through the web site requires registering, and registering
requires that you have the magic "account creation password". Folks who
have been with the group since the LV1b days should have no trouble
guessing what password I chose; otherwise, ask at a meeting.

There were a number of issues we found in the automated conversion that
we decided to accept as things to hand-fix afterwards. Those are
documented on the wiki, and if you fix one of them you should edit the
issues page to reflect that you took care of it. If you find more
issues, please either fix them or document them on this page.

If you have a spare gigabyte of disk space and the patience to download
a half gigabyte of history, you can get your own copy of the contents of
the wiki with this command:
        git-clone git://

Admins: all relevant bits are in /srv/psas, which is on /dev/md0.


[1] Nobody better take this metaphor any further. I'm warning you.

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