According to the Student Govt folks, here are our options:

1) We have an intro meeting on Monday, Sept 17 from 4-5pm in Smith.

2) We have an intro meeting on Wednesday, Sept 19 from 4-5pm in a  
classroom somewhere.

Andrew suggested a third option:

3) we meet in FAB 150 on an agreed upon date and time.

Here's my vote, and why:

1) We have an intro meeting on Monday, Sept 17th from 4-5pm in Smith.

This is essentially a Student Govt sponsored event for new students. I  
think we should be close to where the other events are happening  
(Smith) and match the format of the other events. We have our normal  
intro meetings in FAB all the time, and folks who are interested are  
going to come find us, no problem.

New Student Orientation Week, however, is about exposing new students  
to all the great stuff at PSU, and if they have to make the trip over  
to the engineering bldg, off the beaten path, they might find that  

I know. That's very touchy-feely, especially coming from me (ha!), but  
I think we should just have the meeting in Smith on that Monday, since  
that's the backup date and time they suggested.

NAYSAYERS: if anyone has a problem with this, please email me ASAP!  
These guys need to get their schedule ironed out, and they waited  
until the last damned minute to get to me, so of course it's urgent  
that I get back to them.

Holler back if needed. I called the guy and left him a message saying  
to give us a solid deadline so we have a set amount of time to discuss  
this, but of course, he wasn't available.


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